Dental Anxiety Leland, NC

Dental anxiety is a condition that many people deal with. It is one of the dental concerns our office can treat. There are many reasons patients suffer from this type of anxiety and fear and end up skipping out on necessary oral health care. If this is you, finding a dentist you can trust is important. Dr. Josh Heinsheimer is a caring dentist who treats patients with dental anxiety in Leland, NC.

dental anxiety in Leland, NC


Avoiding Dental Care Due to Dental Anxiety

Waterford Family & Cosmetic Dentistry understands that dealing with dental anxiety is overwhelming. You know you need dental care but the thought of visiting the dentist can start a panic attack. However, the longer you wait, the worse your oral health will get. Even if you take great care of your teeth and gums, routine dental care is necessary. Avoiding the dentist due to dental anxiety can lead to:

  • Tooth Decay and Gum Disease
  • Oral Infections
  • Tooth Loss
  • Overall Poor Health

Causes of Dental Anxiety

There are several reasons a person can feel anxious about visiting the dentist. Over the years, going to the dentist has developed a bad reputation. The causes of dental anxiety include:

  • Past Negative Experiences: The most common complaint we hear is how a patient was treated in the past at a dental appointment. One painful or distressing experience in the past can leave a lasting impact causing them anxiety every time they need to visit the dentist in the future.
  • Fear of Pain: Some patients simply have a fear of pain. This fear is typically significant and can cause serious dental anxiety. This is due to the false perception that every dental visit involves pain and discomfort.
  • Loss of Control: Any dental procedure or treatment will require a patient to open their mouth and allow the dentist to do work they cannot see. This can create a feeling of vulnerability and having no control. For many, this can cause serious anxiety.
  • Embarrassment or Self-Consciousness: Some patients may feel embarrassed or self-conscious by the condition of their oral health so they skip the dentist altogether. They may feel anxious or fear being judged for their lack of proper oral hygiene care.
  • Needle Phobia: A fear of needles and injections is not uncommon, and dental procedures often involve local anesthesia administration, which can be distressing for those with this phobia.

How Can My Dentist Help Me Deal with Dental Anxiety

  • Communication: You must be open and honest about your fear and anxiety so we know how to help you. In return, we will actively listen and communicate effectively everything you need to know about your oral health. We will also take the time to explain each treatment and procedure and address any questions or doubts you may have.
  • Distraction Techniques: Our dentist office encourages all patients to bring any distraction items to their appointments. For example, you may bring headphones to listen to soothing music or virtual reality goggles. This will divert your attention from the dental procedure.
  • Sedation Dentistry: We offer sedation dentistry to help patients feel calm and relaxed during their dental appointments. We offer oral sedatives, which are very effective ways for anxious patients to feel calm and relaxed. Oral conscious sedation involves taking a pill before the appointment. It will keep you completely relaxed and calm during the entire appointment while remaining conscious. Most people do not remember the appointment. To learn more about how sedation dentistry can benefit you, see Sedation Dentistry.

We Help Patients with Dental Anxiety in Leland, NC

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