Conquer Your Fear of the Dentist

Do you feel nervous when you go to your dentist’s office? You are not alone. About 20% of patients of all ages suffer from dental anxiety. This sentiment can be debilitating and interfere with your ability to receive the dental care you need to maintain a healthy smile.

Fortunately, your dentist can offer advice to help you feel calmer and more at ease before your next appointment. When you consider your comfort levels ahead of your visit to the dentist, you can have a hassle-free and positive experience. Read on to find tips that will allow you to conquer your fear of the dentist.

Conquer Your Fear of the Dentist

Communicate with Your Dentist

Your dentist has training and experience in helping patients alleviate dental fear. But they will not know to assist you if you do not let your dentist know about any anxiety you feel. You can contact your dentist prior to your next appointment to tell them about lingering nervousness and ask for advice.

The dentist can maintain open communication during each step of your dental work so that you can remain knowledgeable and therefore comfortable in their care. Feel free to ask questions at any time.

If you prefer not to know details about your dental procedure, tell your dentist that as well. A family dentist can be flexible to accommodate your needs and preferences while delivering high-quality oral healthcare.

Try Relaxation Techniques

If you have a history of dental anxiety, it may be a good idea to try relaxation techniques ahead of your appointment to fight lingering nerves. This can include deep breathing exercises and other stress-relief efforts.

Make preparations to avoid hassle for your appointment to further reduce potential anxiety. Arrive early enough for your appointment that you can talk to the front office staff without stress but not so early that you sit in the waiting room, building anxiety, for too long. Wear loose clothing that will allow you to lie back in the dentist’s chair without uncomfortable tugging.

You can also employ distraction methods like bringing music and headphones to your appointment. Listening to calming music during your dental work can make you feel relaxed. It may also help to invite a friend to keep you company during your visit.

Ask Your Dentist About Sedation Dentistry

Modern dental practices prioritize the comfort of their patients. This means that they offer specialized medicine that can induce a calm sensation in patients who struggle with dental fear. If you feel anxious about upcoming dental work, ask your dentist about sedation dentistry.

The dentist can prescribe an oral tablet that you take an hour or so before your appointment. The medicine will make you feel relaxed to the point that many patients can fall asleep during their dental procedure.

These medication effects can last for several hours before fading. Because they may feel disoriented after their dental appointment, patients should arrange a lift to and from the office when they undergo sedation. The medicine is completely safe, but you can learn more about it when you give your dentist a call.