Teeth Whitening Leland, NC

Do you have stained, yellowed, or discolored teeth? Are you looking for a quick and comfortable way to brighten your smile?

LUMIBRITE™ teeth whitening treatment gently whitens the tooth enamel easily and without the need for UV light. Waterford Family and Cosmetic Dentistry provide teeth whitening as a cosmetic dental treatment for patients in Leland, NC. The most common causes of tooth discoloration are staining foods and beverages, smoking and tobacco use, certain medications, and age.

LUMIBRITE erases years of stains over time with take-home treatment or in just one visit for in-office treatment.

Whiten Teeth in Leland, North Carolina

LUMIBRITE™ Whitening Treatment

Our office offers both in-office and take-home teeth whitening. We can work with you to determine which professional teeth whitening treatment fits your cosmetic goals, budget, and lifestyle. Patients will need to have healthy teeth to undergo professional teeth whitening treatment. Before creating your treatment plan, we will examine the teeth and gums and provide restorative or general treatments as needed.

If your teeth are severely stained and do not respond to whitening treatment, we may recommend dental bonding. Dental bonding can be used to cover the front of the tooth and immediately change its form and color, while also providing a permanent result.

In-Office Whitening

Our in-office treatment uses light and a whitening gel to quickly brighten the tooth enamel. We will use a polishing paste to clean and prepare the teeth for treatment. Then, we allow our patients to choose the level of brightness they would like: natural, white, or supreme white. We coat the teeth with the gel and use the Sapphire® Supreme Plasma Arc Curing Light. Patients may see results in as little as 30 minutes in our office.

Take-Home Whitening

For patients who want to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own homes, we provide LUMIBRITE™ Take-Home Whitening. We will take impressions of the teeth in our office and use those impressions as a basis for your whitening trays. Applying the whitening gel to these trays will whiten the teeth over time.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Learn more about teeth whitening treatment below:

Is professional teeth whitening safe?

Yes, teeth whitening does not damage the teeth and uses a gel that is formulated with sensitivity in mind. In general, whitening procedures are widely performed and minimally invasive treatments that keep the dental structure intact. LUMIBRITE specifically does not use UV light that other whitening methods may utilize.

How is LUMIBRITE different from other whitening treatments?

LUMIBRITE provides long-lasting results with quick treatment. When performed in our office, this whitening treatment produces results in under one hour, usually after 30 minutes. Patients with sensitive teeth or those who prefer a more gradual treatment can customize their care with the strength of their whitening gel. Our take-home LUMIBRITE treatment is beneficial for patients who want more natural results.

How long do teeth stay white after professional whitening?

The timing of this can vary depending on each person. Everyone has a different mouth and the teeth respond to whitening in different ways. Your lifestyle habits are also a factor. If you smoke or drink coffee regularly, your teeth will discolor faster than they would otherwise. On average, whitening effects can last anywhere from six months to 2-3 years.

Should I clean my teeth before or after whitening?

Whitening works best on freshly cleaned teeth. If you’re going to use our in-office option, we recommend getting the whitening treatment done right after you have one of your regular cleanings. For the at-home option, we can give you the supplies to take home after your cleaning and exam.

How often can I get my teeth whitened?

It’s recommended that you don’t whiten your teeth more than once a year. Even with professional products, you may experience sensitivity if you’re whitening your teeth too often.

What can I eat after teeth whitening?

There are certain things that you should avoid for about 48 hours after your teeth whitening treatment. This window is the most likely for staining to occur. Avoid things that are acidic and pigmented, like coffee, soda, tea, red wine, and other staining foods.

Can I brush my teeth after teeth whitening treatment?

Yes, you’re able to brush your teeth. We recommend that you brush your teeth gently after whitening, just to make sure you don’t cause any irritation to your gums.

Can teeth whitening damage my tooth enamel?

No, whitening won’t damage your enamel. The part of the tooth that’s responsible for the color is actually the interior material called dentin. The solution penetrates the enamel to lighten the stained dentin tissue. There’s no damage that happens to the enamel.

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