General Dentistry Leland NC

General dental care services are an integral part of caring for your oral and overall health. Visiting our office at least twice a year helps our team keep track of any developing dental problems. Our dental hygienists remove plaque from the teeth and gums using specialized dental tools and provide preventative fluoride and antibiotic treatments to fight cavities and gum disease.

At Waterford Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, our general dental services are tied to routine care. When performed in conjunction with dental cleanings and exams, general dental treatments can combat tooth damage and infection.

General Dentistry in Leland, NC

Our dental team is proud to offer high-quality preventative treatments to all patients, regardless of age. We want to create a warm and friendly environment where everyone can feel comfortable going to the dentist. Some of the general dental solutions we offer our patients include the following.

Emergency Dental Treatments

If you have a knocked-out tooth, severe tooth pain, or a broken dental restoration, contact our office for emergency dental treatment. We also encourage patients to care for their teeth and gums at home and schedule routine dental visits so we can catch dental problems before they worsen. Sometimes emergencies can be prevented with regular dental care.

Family Dentistry

We serve patients of all ages in our Waterford, North Carolina office. As a family dental office, we want our patients to know that we can treat multiple members of your family under one roof. We also emphasize the importance of bringing your children to our office for early preventative care.

Dental Sedation

Sedation dentistry helps patients with dental fear or anxiety receive dental care. We can use oral sedatives to calm patients during their dental procedures. Our office encourages patients to contact us before their next dental appointment so we can make accommodations for their needs.

Tooth Extraction Treatment

Tooth extractions are necessary to remove impacted wisdom teeth, severely decayed teeth, or overcrowded teeth. Many patients may think that the tooth extraction procedure causes severe pain. However, tooth extractions are used to alleviate the pain caused by infection, impaction, or overcrowding. We also use local anesthetic for a pain-free treatment.

Custom Mouthguard

Custom mouthguards provide a specific fit to protect teeth and gums from injury during sports or from grinding at night. These guards can help distribute force evenly to prevent trauma and can reduce the risk of concussions.

General Dental Care in Leland, North Carolina

General Dental FAQs

Learn the answers to common questions many patients have about general dental care below.

What is a general dentist?

A general dentist helps diagnose and treat oral health problems. General dentists examine and evaluate the structures of the mouth to better understand the needs of their patients. Our dentists can also provide routine oral health care to keep patients’ teeth and gums healthy.

Can sports mouthguards treat problems like TMJ?

No, night guards and sports mouthguards are made of plastics with different thicknesses. Sports mouthguards cannot effectively treat problems like teeth grinding or headaches caused by temporomandibular joint disorders. Patients who need to treat headaches, jaw pain, and bruxism require oral appliance therapy should seek restorative dentistry solutions for TMJ disorders. 

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