Dental Bridge Leland, NC

Are you missing multiple teeth in a row? Do you want a full, balanced bite?

A dental bridge can restore multiple lost teeth for a natural-looking, functional smile. Dental bridges typically attach prosthetic teeth to adjacent natural teeth or abutment teeth. They are permanently fixed or removable. Dr. Philip Bald and his team provide dental bridges to replace lost or missing teeth in Leland, NC.

Dental Bridges in Leland, North Carolina

Traditional Vs. Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

Traditional dental bridges are usually removable and use your natural teeth as the anchor teeth. They’re especially good for short-term solutions. Traditonal bridges don’t give you back full bite function and usually need to replace once or multiple times. Using the natural teeth as anchors can cause problems, too. Anchor teeth are more likely to suffer from tooth decay and other problems because of the stress. Dental crowns are used to strengthen the anchor teeth, but crowns still require removal of tooth structure.

Implant-supported dental bridges are a more permanent solution. Instead of using natural teeth as the anchor, two dental implants are used. Because of the stability of the implants, you’re able to get the full bite function back for these teeth. Implants also help to eliminate some of the problems that are common with missing teeth. They reverse the impacts of bone degeneration so you don’t have to worry about the look of a sagging face that comes with losing teeth.

The best part about traditional bridges is that they can be done quickly. You’re able to get your teeth replaced fast and get back to daily life. However, your jawbone will continue to deteriorate and you’ll have to get your bridge readjusted or replaced to make sure that it still works as your jawbone changes.

While implant-supported bridges last longer, they also take longer to get. The implants have to be surgically placed and they have to heal and fuse with the jawbone for 3-6 months before things can continue. Not everyone is eligible to get dental implants, either. We’ll have to do a full exam and make sure that you have enough healthy bone structure to support implants properly. A consultation is always done to make sure we get the right bridge choice for your unique case.

Dental Bridge Treatment

To begin traditional fixed dental bridge treatment, our dentists prepare the teeth on either side of the missing tooth gap for the dental crowns. Once the dental crowns for these teeth are complete and attached to the teeth, we will provide you with a temporary dental bridge. Meanwhile, the permanent bridge will be fabricated in a dental laboratory. We will ensure that the bridge fits comfortably in our office when it is completed.

If you’re getting an implant-supported bridge, the implant surgery will have to go first. The implants will be placed in the jawbone and you’ll be fitted with a temporary restoration while they heal. A custom restoration will be made for you and will be attached when the healing process is complete. Usually, these bridges are a lifetime restoration. Because the implants are stable and the bone deterioration shouldn’t continue, they can last much longer.

Getting A Dental Bridge In Leland, NC

Do you think a dental bridge is the solution to replace your missing teeth? Call us or schedule an appointment online.