Dental Implants Leland, NC

Are you missing one or more teeth? Do you need a durable restoration to fill out your smile?

At Waterford Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide the final restoration for dental implants to patients in Leland, NC. Dental implants are dental restorations that are inserted into the jawbone to replace missing teeth at the root. They are a permanent replacement for lost or missing teeth that looks and feels natural.

Call our Waterford area office and our dental team can help determine if dental implants are right for you at your next consultation. We also provide comprehensive dental services to patients in Leland, North Carolina.

Tooth Implants in Leland, North Carolina

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer multiple benefits to patients. Some benefits may include:

  • Restored tooth function
  • Long-lasting results
  • Durability
  • Filling tooth gaps
  • Decreased oral health problems
  • They look and feel like natural teeth
  • Helping to prevent bone loss

There are also several treatment options for multiple teeth or whole arches that can be secured with implants, such as dentures and dental bridges.

Which Implant Solution Should You Choose?

Our professional dental team can evaluate your oral health and determine if a dental implant suits your needs. Even if you have gum disease or tooth decay, we can help ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy enough to receive implants. Patients who do not have enough jawbone to support implants can receive bone grafting for a stable foundation.

We will recommend single implants for patients who are only missing one tooth. If patients have multiple teeth missing, or full rows of lost teeth, we will recommend a bridge or dentures.

Dental Implant Treatment

Our office provides the final restoration for dental implants, which means that we can offer dental crowns, bridges, or dentures that are attached to implants after they have healed. We will recommend a local oral surgeon to place the implant, who surgically places the titanium implant screw into the jawbone. After a healing period of 3 to 6 months, during which the implant post integrates with the jawbone, we will place the final restoration.

Dental Implant FAQs

Learn the answer to frequently asked questions about tooth implants:

Are dental implants painful?

During the dental implant procedure, we use anesthesia to numb the treated area. Although you may feel some pain after the procedure, excessive pain is abnormal. Please contact our office if you are in pain for days after the procedure.

Why should I replace my missing tooth or teeth?

Gaps left by missing teeth create new places for bacteria and food residue to collect, which increases your chance of developing tooth decay and gum disease. Even a single tooth implant can also keep remaining teeth from shifting and overcrowding into the tooth gap. Restoring lost teeth also improves the appearance of the smile and the function of the bite.

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