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Our team provides high-quality, patient-focused care to patients at Waterford Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. We will be with you every step of the way, from your initial consultation with us to the final dental procedure. Taking the needs of our patients into account allows us to offer personalized dental care. Our team reviews each patient’s budget, goals, dental history, and current concerns to create custom treatment plans that improve the look and health of the teeth and gums.

On this page, you will find important patient information for our Leland, NC dentist office. Learn about your first visit to our dental office, the resources we provide patients on our website, and the answers to common dental questions below.

For Dental Patients in Leland, North Carolina

Your First Dental Visit

During your first visit to our Dentist office, we will review your dental and medical history and take X-rays of your teeth and mouth. Then, Dr. Josh Heinsheimer will meet with you to discuss your X-rays, concerns, or treatment options. Our dental hygienists will clean your teeth and look for signs of decay, cavities, or gum disease.

We offer these services for patients during their first visits:

  • Dental cleaning
  • Dental x-rays
  • Gum disease screening
  • Dental cavities screening
  • Oral cancer screening

We take time to educate our patients about their oral health so they can more easily diagnose and treat problems if they arise. Our dental cleanings also provide a deep clean for areas that may be hard to reach. Receiving dental cleanings biannually can combat problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

Patient Resources

Learn more about our team, our dental services, and payment and insurance options:

Common Dental FAQs

Read the answers to frequently asked questions that patients may have about our office:

Why is it important to make frequent dental appointments?

Visiting the dentist regularly improves your oral and overall health. When visiting our dental office, our dental team:

  • Helps prevent tooth decay
  • Protects against gum disease
  • Prevents bad breath
  • Keeps teeth bright
  • Strengthens your teeth

Routine examinations and cleanings not only keep your teeth healthy but also allow us to provide preventative care for developing dental problems.

How often should I schedule a dental visit?

We encourage our patients to visit our office for a regular checkup at least once every six months. However, if you have a high risk for serious oral health problems including gum disease, tooth decay, or oral cancer, you will need to visit us more often.

We will help determine how frequent your care will be by assessing your dental health at your next visit. We can also help schedule your next visit after your appointment.

Do I still need to see a dentist near me even though my teeth are healthy?

Although your teeth may look and feel healthy, it is still important to see the dentist regularly. Dental problems can quickly develop and show minor signs of development. We can also help improve the appearance of the smile with professional cosmetic dentistry solutions. These treatments target minor cosmetic imperfections like chips and cracks in the teeth as well as stained or discolored teeth.

How often should I brush my teeth?

Floss and brush your teeth twice a day after breakfast and after dinner. We recommend that patients floss before brushing as this makes it easier to clean between the teeth. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to brush for two minutes. Remembering to brush your tongue also helps combat bad breath.

When should I replace my toothbrush?

Toothbrush bristles wear down over time. Manual toothbrushes should be replaced every three months. If you use an electric toothbrush, the toothbrush heads may need to be as replaced as frequently, but be sure to read the directions for your specific brand of toothbrush.

Patients who have gum disease need to change their toothbrushes every four to six weeks. This is because they are more prone to harmful bacteria irritating the gums.

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