Kick Off the Holidays with Botox

With the holiday season approaching, you might look forward to the opportunity to celebrate with your loved ones and your community. But if you have wrinkles and other aesthetic concerns in your skin, you may feel less enthused about your holiday plans.

Botox can improve the appearance of the skin on your face to make you feel confident ahead of your next special event. You can even discuss Botox treatment available at your dentist’s office.

Your dentist specializes in oral health, meaning they understand the muscles and soft tissue around the face as well. This makes them ideal providers of Botox medication for your face. And Botox may help improve your oral health in many ways, including treating TMJ disorders.

And you can notice an optimal recovery if you pursue Botox during the winter months as well. Your dentist can explain what you can expect from Botox when you schedule a cosmetic dental consultation. But you can also read on to learn why now might be the perfect time to consider Botox facial enhancement treatment from your dentist.

Kick Off the Holidays with Botox

Achieve Your Dream Facial Aesthetics with Botox

Botox is a type of injected medication that a dentist or esthetician can administer to targeted muscles within the face. It features a mild paralytic which will briefly inhibit the movement of these facial muscles. This will prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, the corners of the eyes, and the forehead.

The treatment preserves the skin’s elasticity and smooths the appearance of existing wrinkles in these areas of the face. It leaves you with fresher, more youthful-looking skin that you can feel proud to show off at your next event. Learn more about the advantages of Botox treatment by calling your cosmetic dentist today.

Enhance Your Botox Experience This Winter

You can enjoy Botox and its resulting skin enhancement benefits any time of the year. But you might experience a more streamlined and efficient recovery from this cosmetic treatment if you schedule it during the winter.

Your dentist and skin specialist will ask you to avoid direct sunlight and sweating which might irritate the skin as you heal from the Botox injection. Harsh UV rays can aggravate the skin, leaving it red and uncomfortable after this treatment. And sweating can lead to similar discomfort.

UV rays are less strong during the winter, and cooler temperatures can make it easier to avoid sweating. Therefore, you can find it easier to adhere to your dentist’s aftercare guidelines following Botox treatment. And you can have a reduced likelihood of experiencing side effects while you recover from this procedure.

You may see some immediate benefits in your skin after a Botox injection. But note that it may take up to two weeks to see the full results. Consider this factor when you plan your appointment with your dentist. Give your dentist a call to learn more about how Botox can help your skin.