Choose Teeth Whitening from a Dentist

Have you noticed that your smile does not look as bright as it used to? Your smile can become yellow, dull, or stained over time. This can happen due to poor oral habits as well as factors outside of your control, like aging. You can get a brighter smile by calling your dentist and asking about their professional whitening services.

It might be tempting to pick up a store-bought whitening kit from your local shop instead to save money and avoid the hassle. However, a dentist can offer better quality enhancement and other advantages as well. Read on to learn how you can achieve the best whitening results when you seek cosmetic treatment from your dentist.

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How Does Store-Bought Whitening Treatment Work?

You might have spotted a kit at your local store that promises to whiten your smile. The package will include instructions and whitening materials that can bleach your teeth to make your smile brighter.

When used as instructed, you can whiten the color of your teeth with these store-bought kits. However, these materials do not factor in the unique features of your smile, so you will not see the best results compared to what a dental professional can offer.

With a store-bought kit, you will not experience the supervision of a professional as you whiten your teeth. This means that you cannot factor your unique dental structure and medical history into your treatment. These factors could play a major role in your results.

A dentist can also monitor the process of brightening your smile which can minimize side effects like gum irritation or tooth sensitivity. Though these symptoms may fade after using a store-bought whitening product, the discomfort can be disruptive. Consider these factors before purchasing and using a kit from your local shop.

How Can My Dentist Whiten My Smile?

Your dentist can offer a few ways to whiten your smile. When you schedule a cosmetic consultation, they can determine which type of treatment will get you the smile of your dreams.

With in-office teeth whitening treatment, your dentist will apply a special whitening gel to your teeth and use concentrated light to activate the bleaching agents. They can monitor the results so that you can get a brighter, more beautiful color in your smile that also looks natural. This session should take about 30 minutes.

Patients can also ask for a take-home whitening kit that contains materials approved by their dental professional. These will feature custom-made trays that suit your unique smile based on the impressions of your teeth. You will fill these trays with the whitening gel provided and wear them as instructed to brighten your teeth gradually.

Patients with deeper, more stubborn stains in their teeth may require more targeted cosmetic treatments to get a whiter smile. Dentists may suggest teeth bonding treatment for these patients. This involves applying tooth-colored composite resin to the teeth and sculpting it to the patient’s aesthetic goals, creating a more even and brighter smile.