When Should I Visit My Dentist?

Some people tend to avoid their dentist unless they experience a major dental problem. However, you should visit your dentist for routine exams and cleanings in order to prevent issues that could turn into serious, irreversible, or expensive emergencies. The health of your teeth and gums can play a major role in preserving your overall wellbeing too.

But how many times should you attend these appointments each year to best take care of your oral health? Dr. Josh Heinsheimer, a dentist practicing in Leland, NC, describes the importance of scheduling regular visits with your dental professional.

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What Happens During a Routine Dentist Appointment?

During a routine dentist appointment, your dental professional will perform a thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums. You practice oral hygiene to remove plaque and other harmful substances that accumulate on your teeth. But your dentist can reach tricky spots in your mouth you may have missed to ensure plaque and tartar do not build up and cause major dental damage.

Your dentist will also give you an oral examination, checking your gums and teeth for signs of deterioration that may require treatment. They can find cavities and periodontal disease this way. They may also use x-ray imaging to monitor potential problems, including wisdom teeth growth.

How Often Should I Schedule These Appointments?

Dentists usually recommend scheduling regular cleanings and exams every six months. This window allows dentists to prevent any oral health concerns from becoming dental emergencies.

However, some patients may need to see their dentist more frequently. For instance, senior patients, people with a higher propensity of tartar formation, and those with underlying medical conditions might need to visit their dentist three or four times each year for adequate oral health maintenance.

When Should I Call About an Emergency Dentist Appointment?

If you notice any issues with your smile between these routine dentist appointments, you can still give your dental professional a call. A toothache, gum problems, chronic bad breath, and other concerns may seem minor. But they could be symptoms of a larger dental problem that may require intervention from your dentist.

Your dentist may recommend that you come to their office for an emergency dentist appointment if you need to have your smile checked out before your next exam. You should not have to wait and suffer any discomfort in your smile.

Tooth pain of any kind is abnormal and should be evaluated promptly by a dentist. If you experience a dental emergency, such as a fractured tooth or damaged dental work, you should not hesitate to contact your dentist for further instruction.

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