4 Uses of Dental Bonding

Over time, the way that your teeth appear can change, often due to factors outside of your control like aging. If your teeth seem yellow or misshapen, your confidence may suffer. You can enhance the look of your smile with cosmetic dental solutions available at your dentist’s office.

One popular, affordable, and effective aesthetic dental treatment is teeth bonding. The dentist can apply resin to your teeth, sculpt it according to your smile goals, and cure and polish it for a beautiful finish. Read on to find four of the many ways that you can boost the appearance of your teeth with dental bonding treatment.

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How Will Teeth Bonding Enhance My Smile?

Brighten Your Tooth Color

Your dentist can use tooth-colored resin to brighten the color of your smile through dental bonding. Dental patients with deep stains in their teeth cannot remove them with their usual oral hygiene routine. A dentist can cover these stains using bonding so that your teeth can appear beautiful and white once again.

The detailed application process ensures that you can have the resin placed in strategic locations for an even-looking final look. Be careful with the foods that you consume after this treatment. Staining agents may cause the bonding to become discolored if you are not careful.

Amend Minor Tooth Breakage

Though teeth are durable, you might accidentally bite down on a hard item or at an awkward angle, causing an injury in the tooth. Fractures and major tooth breakage may need emergency dental repairs. But your dentist can use teeth bonding to fix small cracks or chips in your smile.

These dental injuries can disrupt the look of your smile. But they may also serve as vulnerable spots in your teeth where plaque can create dental problems. Your dentist can fill in chips and cracks to restore the teeth’s appearance and seal these spots to keep them safe.

Fill Gaps Between Teeth

If you have gaps between your teeth, you might feel unhappy about the spacing within your smile and how it looks. Gaps may also cause food to get trapped in your teeth, putting your oral health at risk.

Your dentist can fill gaps in your smile using dental bonding. The resin will make your smile appear fuller and even so that you can feel proud of the way that it appears. You can also improve your oral hygiene this way because you can worry less about lingering food particles.

Create an Even Look in Your Smile

As mentioned, teeth bonding treatment will fix minor changes that have negatively impacted the way that your smile appears. But if you have genetic cosmetic concerns in your smile, including misshapen teeth, dental bonding can help you too.

Teeth may have an irregular shape which can occur naturally or form over time due to wear and tear. In either case, your dentist can use resin with bonding to sculpt the dental structure according to your desired results. Consult with your dentist today to learn if dental bonding will help you achieve your smile goals.