Get Ready for a Cosmetic Dental Consult

Have you noticed a change in the color or shape of your smile? Over time, teeth can become dull, yellow, cracked, or chipped, sometimes due to reasons outside of a patient’s control. If you are looking for a way to boost the look of your teeth, you can schedule a visit with your dentist to discuss cosmetic treatment options.

You can experience a more streamlined and efficient consultation if you know what will occur during your visit before you arrive at the dentist’s office. Dr. Josh Heinsheimer, a dentist practicing in Leland, NC, describes what you can expect during your initial appointment with a cosmetic dental professional.

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What Happens During a Cosmetic Dental Consultation?

Oral Health Examination

Though you will schedule your cosmetic dental consultation to discuss ways to enhance your smile’s appearance with your dentist, your dental professional will begin the appointment by evaluating your oral health. This will involve checking your teeth and gums for signs of damage, like gum disease or cavities.

If they spot any dental concerns, they will recommend treatment for these issues before pursuing cosmetic dentistry options. Your cosmetic enhancements can suit your smile best when your teeth and gums can provide a strong and stable foundation, so this examination is worth the time to perform.

Smile Design Strategy

With a healthy smile, you can begin discussing your aesthetic goals for your teeth with your dental professional. They will consider your ideals as well as your current dental structure and your medical history to determine which cosmetic treatment options can work best with your unique smile.

They will outline anticipated results from your treatment as well as what you can expect during your procedures so that you know what will occur during each step of the process. This open communication will continue throughout your treatment, ensuring you remain comfortable and knowledgeable about your dental work.

Cosmetic Dental Procedure Scheduling

When you and your dentist have agreed to a treatment plan, you can then schedule any necessary cosmetic dental procedures. Depending on your unique smile goals, you may need more than one visit to your dentist’s office to get the smile of your dreams. Both dental bonding and in-office teeth whitening treatment can be completed within one session.

Your dentist may also provide a take-home option for teeth whitening, which will include custom-made trays that contain bleaching gel. When used as directed, you can brighten your teeth color gradually. By choosing cosmetic treatment with a dental professional, you can get tailored, precise smile enhancement with minimized side effects.

Cosmetic Dentistry Experts Located in Leland, NC

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