Why Treat Periodontal Disease Promptly?

The stress of the pandemic has taken a toll on the oral hygiene habits and dental health of many individuals. This could be dangerous for your gums.

A recent study suggests that individuals with periodontal disease could be at a greater risk of suffering severe complications of COVID-19. This stems from the link between gum inflammation and the body’s inflammatory response.

Your gum health is more important than ever, so you should have them evaluated by your dentist routinely. Dr. Josh Heinsheimer, a dentist in Leland, NC, emphasizes the importance of seeking prompt treatment for periodontal disease.

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What Are the Symptoms of Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease occurs when natural bacteria in your mouth spread and infect your gums. Once this infection occurs, it requires treatment from a dental professional to eradicate.

Gum disease does not always present with noticeable symptoms. This is why regular dental exams are so important to your oral health. A dentist can diagnose gum disease and develop a treatment plan before the condition causes irreversible damage.

Some patients experience sore, swollen, or bleeding gums if they have periodontal disease. Though these symptoms may happen for acute reasons, if they persist, you should get in touch with your dentist.

What Periodontal Treatment Will I Need?

If your dentist spots gum disease in its early stages, they will first want to thoroughly clean your teeth and gums to remove excess bacteria and plaque build-up. This intensive cleaning technique is known as scaling and root planing.

Periodontal disease that does not respond to this treatment may require more invasive methods. A dentist may need to remove damaged gum tissue through oral surgery to encourage regeneration of healthy tissue.

They might also suggest a pocket depth reduction procedure to stitch gums closer to teeth. This makes it more difficult for bacteria to infect the gums and allows for easier cleaning of this area during a typical oral hygiene routine. Prompt treatment for periodontal disease is crucial if you hope to avoid these surgical treatment options.

Periodontal Disease Treatment and More in Leland, NC

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